The RIVER Advocate

Spring 2017

Protecting rivers from drought

Mass Rivers hits the road

Fall 2016

Tackling the big drought

Feds keep control of water pollution regulatory powers (for now)

Spring 2016

Wild and Scenic rivers in Massachusetts

Baker Administration wants feds to step aside

Fall 2015

Featuring 6 Massachusetts rivers: Westfield, Swift, Assabet, Ipswich, Mystic and Hoosic

Spring 2015

Mass Rivers promotes municipal stormwater management

Keeping rivers front and center: Visit with new MassDEP Commissioner, on Capital Hill lobbying for funding for Wild & Scenic rivers, and advocating for better Water Management Act rules.

Fall 2014

Water Infrastructure bill signed into law

Clock ticking on new streamflow regulations

Spring 2014

Mass Rivers shapes water infrastructure bill

Hope for dry streams?

Fall 2013

River groups fight for streamflow

Mass Rivers opposes takeover of water pollution program

Stream Crossing workshops: safer for wildlife and people