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Mass Rivers Letter to FERC in Opposition to Hydropeaking on Deerfield River2018(06)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Mass Rivers Letter to Conference Committee in Support of Environmental Agency Funding2018(06)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Mass Rivers Comments on Updated Water Conservation Standards2018(03)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Mass Rivers Letter in Support of Drought Management Act2017(11)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Mass Rivers Letter re NPDES Budget Amendment2017(04)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Massachusetts Rivers Alliance Opposition to NPDES Delegation2017(10)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Massachusetts Rivers Alliance Comments on 2016 Integrated Water List2017(10)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Water Conservation Messaging During Droughts2017(08)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceOrg. Publications
Mass Rivers Private Irrigation Wells Report 2017(01)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceOrg. Publications
Mass Rivers Legislative Priorities 2017-182017(01)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceOrg. Publications
Primer for Conservation Groups on 2014 WMA Regulations2016(11)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceWorkshops & Presentations
Water Management Act: A Local Perspective2016(10)OARSWorkshops & Presentations
Streamflow Criteria and Coldwater Fisheries2016(10)MassWildlifeWorkshops & Presentations
Water Management Act Regulations Overview2016(10)MassDEPWorkshops & Presentations
Water Management Act and Rivers and Streams2016(10)Mass AudubonWorkshops & Presentations
MassDEP Water Management Act Permit Guidance 2014(11)MassDEPWorkshops & Presentations
WMA Permit Comment Letter Examples2016(10)Massachusetts Rivers Alliance, OARSLetters & Testimony
WMA Permit Comment Letter Examples2016(10)Massachusetts Rivers Alliance, OARSWorkshops & Presentations
WMA Permits by Basin, Town, Number & Facility2016(09)MassDEPWorkshops & Presentations
Letter to Secretary Beacon on Drought 20162016 (08)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Massachusetts Stormwater Collaboratives2016 (04)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceWorkshops & Presentations
Stormwater Funding Resources Handout2016 (04)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceWorkshops & Presentations
Stormwater Funding Resources Online v.22016 (04)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceWorkshops & Presentations
Massachusetts Stormwater Utilities & Fees as of April 20162016 (04)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceWorkshops & Presentations
Letter to MassDEP on MS4 co-issuance2016 (01)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
City of Fall River Stormwater Utility and the CSO Program2015 (10)City of Fall RiverWorkshops & Presentations
Factors Influencing Riverine Fish Assemblages in MA2012 (01)USGSWorkshops & Presentations
Additional Grants to Consider for Stream Crossing Upgrades2013 (02)Pioneer Valley Planning CommissionWorkshops & Presentations
Geographic Roadway Runoff Inventory Program2013 (06)Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development
District (SRPEDD)
Workshops & Presentations
Improved Stream Crossings in MA2013 (06)US Army Corps of EngineersWorkshops & Presentations
Unified Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Grants2013 (06)MEMA, DCRWorkshops & Presentations
MA Stream Crossings - Contacts & Resources2013 (06)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceWorkshops & Presentations
Regulatory History of Stream Crossing Standards2013 (06)MassDEPWorkshops & Presentations
Designing Improved Stream Crossings: Engineering Standards & Guidance2013 (10)David C. Nyman, P.E.Workshops & Presentations
Improving Stream Crossings Workshops - Presenters2013 (10)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceWorkshops & Presentations
The Value of Road Smart Stream Crossings2013 (10)The Nature ConservancyWorkshops & Presentations
MA Stream Crossing Case Studies2013 (10)American Rivers; Div of Ecological RestorationWorkshops & Presentations
Testimony On An Act Improving Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (S1947)2014 (01)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
Water 2020: A Shared Vision For Massachusetts2014 (01)Massachusetts Rivers Alliance; The Nature ConservancyOrg. Publications
The Debate Over the Need for Natural Gas Pipelines and How it will Shape New England’s Grid2014 (12)Shanna Cleveland, Climate AdvocateWorkshops & Presentations
Pipelines, Rivers & Wetlands2014 (12)Alison Bowden, The Nature ConservancyWorkshops & Presentations
Comments on Draft Massachusetts Small MS4 Permit2015 (02)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceLetters & Testimony
What's New at the Watershed Planning Program2015 (09)Div. of Watershed Management, Bureau of Water Resources, MassDEPWorkshops & Presentations
Stormwater Utility Implementation & Fee Development2015 (10)Ayer Public Works DeptartmentWorkshops & Presentations
Stormwater Funding Resources Online2015 (10)Massachusetts Rivers AllianceWorkshops & Presentations
Funding Stormwater Management2015 (10)Metropolitan Area Planning Council (Julie Conroy)Workshops & Presentations
Why Stormwater Management Matters2015 (10)OARS, Connecticut River Watershed Council, The Nature ConservancyWorkshops & Presentations
Stormwater User Fee: Making the Case to Your Community2015 (10)Mass Bays, Tighe & BondWorkshops & Presentations
Flood Control and Stormwater Utility2015 (10)City of NorthamptonWorkshops & Presentations
Update: 2014 Draft Massachusetts MS4 Permit2015 (10)U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyWorkshops & Presentations