Fostering Healthy River Flow

We’re working to keep rivers flowing during times of drought, and minimize flooding of our communities during rainy periods.

To keep water in rivers, the Massachusetts Rivers Alliance is advocating for better water allocation regulations through the Sustainable Water Initiative.

Our work in this area focuses on the following objectives:
  • Integrate management of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater so that our built environment mimics “natural” water cycles.
  • Establish streamflow standards based on the best available science to guide water management decisions.
  • Balance water budgets within watersheds and subwatersheds.
  • Promote local recharge of stormwater and wastewater to replenish aquifers.
  • Protect lands in floodplains, river corridors and aquifer recharge areas.
  • Build water management systems that will be better able to cope with anticipated impacts from climate change, such as intense seasonal rain and drier summers.
  • Select “green” infrastructure (wetlands and rain gardens) over “gray” infrastructure (pipes and culverts).
  • Promote water conservation, efficient water use and water re-use.