Our Work

The Alliance works to strengthen statewide river policies in four areas: water quality, stream flow, wildlife habitat, and investment in green infrastructure.

We work closely with member organizations and other partners to fulfill a vision for the Commonwealth that includes clean water for future generations, clean rivers that support a growing economy, and healthy rivers for healthy communities.

How we’re making it happen:

  • Protecting Stream Flow
    To keep water in rivers, the Massachusetts Rivers Alliance is advocating for better water allocation regulations through the Sustainable Water Management Initiative.
  • Restoring Water Quality
    More than half of the state’s rivers and streams fail to meet water quality standards due to stormwater pollution. The Alliance is working with our members and partner organizations to restore water quality through better permitting and enforcement of stormwater regulations.
  • Investment in the Environment
    The Alliance works for state investment in greener water infrastructure and other programs that improve and restore rivers.
  • Improving Wildlife Habitat
    Undersized culverts and poorly designed road crossings prevent wildlife passage and can fail catastrophically in a major storm. The Alliance is working with 15 partner organizations to offer municipalities a series of popular, full day workshops across the state on improving road stream crossings for wildlife and public safety.
  • Diverse Partnerships
    The Massachusetts Rivers Alliance works with our members, other environmental groups, and partners in government, industry, and academia to achieve our goals.