Sustainable Water Resources Act (S.B.349/H.B.255) 2011

The Sustainable Water Resources Act (SWRA), Senate Bill 349 and House Bill 255, would require MassDEP to consult with the Department of Fish and Game to develop streamflow standards, enable easier removal of unnecessary dams and authorize waterbanking — which authorizes communities to assess fees for water conservation and sustainability measures.

If you could not support the SWRA at the State House hearing on Thursday, July 14, 2011, we urge you to send (email and snail mail addresses below) in your testimony.

The SWRA’s streamflow provisions of the SWRA are important within the context of EEA’s Sustainable Water Management Initiative (SWMI).  The bill has provided steady pressure on the SWMI process to develop streamflow standards. It also provides the opportunity to codify potential good results on streamflow from the SWMI process and insurance, should the SWMI process not produce results.


If you haven’t prepared testimony before, it’s basically a letter in support of the bills.  You introduce yourself, your organization (if appropriate – letters from individuals are also very helpful), and then explain why you support the legislation.  It is especially effective to include an anecdote or two about why this bill will help your river). A page or two is fine.  Below are some helpful  documents:

 Addressing Testimony

Regular mail:

Representative Anne Gobi, Chairman
Senator Marc Pacheco, Chairman
Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture
State House, Room 473-F
Boston, MA 02133


Representative Anne Gobi:

Senator Marc Pacheco:

For information on the previous version of the SWRA introduced in 2009, go to SWRA H.B.834.

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