Climate Change Conference Presentations May 18, 2011

“River Monitoring and Climate Change in Massachusetts: How citizen-based monitoring can help us understand and address the impacts of climate change on our rivers.”

The purpose of the conference was to explore the role that watershed and conservation groups in Massachusetts can play to address climate change and its impacts on rivers and streams through environmental monitoring programs and adaptation projects, and to connect these groups with scientists and government officials already doing climate change monitoring and adaptation work in the Commonwealth.

Presentations are listed in the order that they were given at the conference.

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Dr. Ellen M. Douglas (Keynote)  – “Climate change and rivers in the Northeast and Massachusetts: what we know and what we don’t”

Dr. Peter K. Weiskel Development of a Hydrologic Climate-Response Network for Resources Assessments”

David L. Nelson“Extreme precipitation in New York & New England: An Interactive Web Tool for Extreme Precipitation Analysis& Monitoring”

Richard Zingarelli - “FEMA Flood Maps:  What They Are…and What They Aren’t!”

Laila Parker“Monitoring River Flow on Small Streams: The River Instream Flow Stewards (RIFLS) Program”

Kim Lutz“Exploring system-wide alternatives of dam operations to achieve environmental benefits in the Connecticut River”

Scott D. Jackson“The River and Stream Continuity Project”

*Derek Sowers“Vulnerability of Stream Culverts to Climate Change: Oyster River Case Study”  ( for presentation, please contact:

Samantha Woods“Monitoring Climate Change Impacts on Fish Runs in Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays”

Dr. Ben Letcher“Brook trout population persistence: Forecasting climate change impacts”

Afternoon breakout sessions:

Warren Kimball (Breakout Session A) - “SMART Monitoring”

Dr. Brian R. Mitchell (Breakout session A) – Watching, photographing, and listening: Monitoring phenology to detect the effects of climate change”

John A. O’Leary (Breakout Session B) – Understanding Habitat Vulnerability Under Climate Change Conditions”

Dr. Vandana Rao (Breakout Session C) – Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report to the Legislature”

Beth Lambert (Breakout Session C) – Climate Change Adaptation for Rivers”

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