Call to Stop Senate Cuts

The Massachusetts Senate is trying to CUT funding for our state environmental agencies that protect water. Can you take two minutes to ask your senator to restore funding for these agencies?

To find your local legislator and their phone number, click here.

Below is a sample script for your conversation:

“Hello, my name is ______________ and I live in _______________. I am calling to ask that Senator__________ co-sponsors two budget amendments. First, please ask him/her to co-sponsor Senator Jamie Eldridge’s budget amendment #894 to increase funding for the Department of Environmental Protection (line-item number 2200-0100). Second, please ask him/her to co-sponsor Senator Walter Timilty’s budget amendment #933 to increase funding for DCR Watershed Management (line-item 2800-0101). Thank you.”  

The Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for monitoring our water bodies and enforcing clean water laws. They have lost a third of their staff since 2009 due to budget cuts.

The DCR Watershed Management Office is responsible for controlling invasive aquatic plants and preparing the state for droughts and floods. Their budget has been cut by 55% since 2009.

The last thing our state environmental agencies need is take another step backwards in their funding when their budgets are already stretched so thin.

Thank you for speaking up for our rivers!