Call your local Rep/Sen to protect our rivers!

The Mass Rivers legislative priorities for the 2017-2018 legislative session are out and now we need YOUR help to make sure these bills pass! Click here for the list of bills that Mass Rivers is supporting this session. The bills are listed in order of priority and our number one priority this session is a new bill to improve the state’s drought management response (this bill is highlighted on our list). “HD” means House Docket and refers to the House version of the bill; “SD” means Senate Docket and refers to the Senate version. The first step to make sure a bill is passed is getting as many legislative cosponsors as possible for each of these bills. Please call your representative(s) and senator(s) by February 2nd and ask them to cosponsor these bills. It is much more effective to call than to email, so please take a moment to do so. You must call by February 2nd, but the sooner you make your phone calls, the better. To find your representative or senator click here. Here is a sample script for your call to your senator or representative: “Hi. This is _____, I’m live in (your town/city). I’m calling to ask (Representative/Senator X) to cosign some bills that would help protect water quality and quantity in (your local rivers). Here are the bills: [see the priorities – note that reps need the HD #’s and senators need the SD #’s. They might also want to know who’s filed the bills]. Thank you so much for supporting the environment. Goodbye.” Thank you in advance for your support of these bills! Every call will make a difference.