Big Budget Win for Rivers

We did it!

After many years of staff losses at our state environmental agencies due to budget cuts, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Division of Ecological Restoration and the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Office of Water Resources have received significant state budget boosts for FY2019. These programs are critical to water protection, river restoration, and climate change adaptation in our state, and we have worked hard to make the case to the state legislature for increasing these budgets. A big thank you to our partners who joined in us advocating for this water program funding, in particular, MOSES (Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists).

If you live or work in their districts (or even if you don’t), please call and thank the following legislators for their leadership in supporting these important environmental priorities (details below):

House Ways and Means:

Chairman Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez (D – Jamaica Plain)


Vice Chairman Rep. Stephen Kulik (D – Worthington)


Ranking Member Rep. Todd Smola (R – Warren)



Senate Ways and Means:

Chairwoman Sen. Karen Spilka (D – Ashland)


Vice Chairwoman Sen. Joan Lovely (D – Salem)


Ranking Member Sen. Vinny deMacedo (R – Plymouth)



Here are the numbers:

Department of Environmental Protection – Administration (Line-Item 2200-0100)

FY19 Funding: $29,130,000

FY19 Governor Baker Proposal: $24,737,344

FY18 Funding: $24,733,484

FY17 Funding: $25,037,437

Division of Ecological Restoration (Line-Item 2300-0101)

FY19 Funding: $1,255,156

FY19 Governor Baker Proposal: $540,517

FY18 Funding: $630,577

FY17 Funding: $680,889

Department of Conservation and Recreation Watershed Management (Line-Item 2800-0101)

FY19 Funding: $1,100,000

FY19 Governor Baker Proposal: $919,803

FY18 Funding: $962,526

FY17 Funding: $954,975