About Mass Rivers

The Massachusetts Rivers Alliance’s mission is to protect and restore the Commonwealth’s rivers and streams.

Founded in 2007, the organization works to strengthen statewide river policies in four areas: water quality, stream flow, wildlife habitat, and investment in green infrastructure.


  • Clean water for future generations

    We must ensure enough clean water to meet the future needs of wildlife, people, and a growing economy.

  • Clean rivers that support a growing economy

    The rivers, streams and wetlands of Massachusetts must provide ecological services critical to our health, safety and economy.

  • Healthy rivers for healthy communities

    Every river in Massachusetts should be an asset to the communities through which it flows.


  • Healthy rivers, a sustainable water supply, and a sustainable economy go hand-in-hand. Rivers will sustain us if we help sustain them.
  • Every river should be an asset to its community, whether it flows through forest, farmland, suburb or city.
  • Every resident of the Commonwealth has the right to clean, safe, drinking water and outdoor recreation in a healthy environment.
  • Decisions about water management should be based on sound science and meet the needs of people and nature.
  • We will work toward these goals in good faith with all who support sustainable water management; we welcome non-traditional partners and allies.

Our Water2020 vision document sets forth our guiding principles and goals in more detail.