• Working to ensure healthy rivers for people & wildlife across the Commonwealth


The Massachusetts Rivers Alliance’s mission is to protect and restore the Commonwealth’s rivers and streams.

Founded in 2007, the organization works to strengthen statewide river policies in four areas: water quality, stream flow, wildlife habitat, and investment in green infrastructure.


  • ACTION ALERT: Tell your legislators to support funding to address climate change impacts
  • We need your help to pass a bill that provides funding to address the impacts of climate change in Massachusetts!   Please call your legislators by Monday, June 17th at 5 pm and ask them to support this bill. This bill will create a new, reliable and significant source of funding to help cities and towns protect themselves… Read more »

  • First Mass River Summit brings member groups from across the state (and Rhode Island!)
  • “We’re a different breed in the Berkshires.” “I wish people wouldn’t talk about ‘the towns’ as if they’re completely separate. The towns are us. We live and work in towns.” “We calculated the amount of dog poop produced each day in the South River watershed and it weighs as much as an elephant!” These were… Read more »

  • ACTION ALERT: Help Us Protect Rivers from Hydropower Dams!
  • The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has proposed new regulations for hydropower dams that would harm our rivers. DOER is proposing that generators would have to undergo just one review to receive a lifetime certification as a river-friendly facility. This certification would entitle them to a lifetime of benefits from the state as providers of environmentally sustainable energy. … Read more »