• Working to ensure healthy rivers for people & wildlife across the Commonwealth


The Massachusetts Rivers Alliance’s mission is to protect and restore the Commonwealth’s rivers and streams.

Founded in 2007, the organization works to strengthen statewide river policies in four areas: water quality, stream flow, wildlife habitat, and investment in green infrastructure.


  • Call today to stop transfer of water pollution program to state!
  • We need you to call a member of the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Environment today to protect our rivers (see list of members and suggested script below). The environmental community has taken a strong stand for rivers by opposing H.2777.  The supporters of this bill are making a final push for passage of this legislation,… Read more »

  • Can you make a call today to protect Massachusetts citizens from unsafe sewage in their rivers?
  • Millions of residents live near the Commonwealth’s many rivers, which provide essential community resources and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. Unfortunately, citizens currently have no way to know when man-made pollutant discharges render these rivers unsafe for fishing, boating and swimming. The Issue When it rains, stormwater floods our Commonwealth’s aging sewer systems. This… Read more »

  • Make a call today to protect rivers during droughts
  • We need you to call the Chairs of the Environment Committee today to tell them to support the drought management bill! You may remember the drought of 2016: public water supplies reached dangerously low levels, rivers went dry and fish and other aquatic populations were annihilated. We could have avoided some of the more severe… Read more »